Best Family Canoes Review

People search for the best ways to spend some time together with their families and do something adventurous. One of the ideal ways to spend some exciting time with your loved ones is canoeing. Certainly, you will need to find the best family canoe for that.

There are important features to check in the best canoe for family as you will be taking the kids along for fun, the most crucial feature is to find something safe.

Also, according to the number of members that will be joining for this fun activity, the canoe has to be selected. Other than that, the basic features such as the canoe being durable and sturdy are there.

In this review, we will walk through the best models in canoes and how they are different from the others in this blood-thirsty competitive market. Our purpose is to give you the products that you can rely on. Let’s get to the business:

Best Family Canoes Review

So, the agenda is to check various models that are gaining popularity in the market but select the choicest ones that genuinely deserve your attention. Well, this will help you in saving a lot of time on redundant research.

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15.6-Foot Canoe

From Sun Dolphin, this is my first recommendation to you. Well, there are a lot to like about this model. First of all, if you have a family of more than 3 then this product is not for you.

In short, this is the best 3-person canoe that you will find very interesting. To begin with, it is available in a decent size of 15.6 foot. Well, if you ask me, you have enough space on the canoe itself.

You can have decent storage space in the storage compartment of the canoe. Also, you can keep the cooler under the center seat. This way, you can carry enough things with you while packing up a picnic.

The design of this model is very interesting. It has got stern tie-down eyelets design with a bow. Also, there are built-in transport handles, easy to access and comfortable in usage.

Also, there are drink holders molded in every seat to make sure that you can carry your drinks and keep in the individual compartment. One of the most interesting things about this model is that it comes with 2-year warranty. This way, if anything goes wrong with the canoe in 2 years of purchase then you can get it repaired free of cost.


  • Very interesting design
  • Comes with 2-years warranty
  • Dedicated cup holders with each seat
  • Comfortable and sturdy


  • Very limited color choices available

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe

If you don’t mind spending a little extra then this one from Old Town is a perfect product of your interest. This one is also a three-seater canoe that you can use with your partner and kid to plan a wonderful and fun-filled day.

It has got various stunning features. First of all, the construction is done with thermoformed polyethylene which is completely impact and abrasion resistant. Therefore, you can rest assured that the canoe will be around in your family for a long time.

The seats are very comfortable and you get a contoured bow to move the canoe. Also, there is sufficient storage space to pack snacks for the picnic. The adjustable backrests are very comfortable and keep you relaxed if you take a long tour.

Other than that, there are other stunning features like cupholders, and lifetime warranty of the hull to safeguard your purchase. This is a really suitable product to purchase. It is 16 foot in length and gives you enough leg space for comfortable canoeing experience.


  • Comes with stunning features
  • Lifelong warranty of the hull
  • Decent storage space
  • Comes with adjustable backrests


  • You might find it a little too sleek

Old Town Discovery 169 Two-Person Recreational Canoe

Couples these days are very creative with their plans and how they want to spend time in solace. Well, what can be more calming and relaxing then spending a whole day in water with your partner? This model from Old Town is the best 2-person canoe.

The hull of this model is made of triple-layer molded polyethylene which keeps it lightweight yet capable of taking the beating of outdoor use. You can have it for a long time.

This one is a large canoe that measures up to 16 feet and 9 inches. Well, for 2 people, this length is more than just comfortable. You get a lot of storage as well as leg space in the canoe.

There are highly durable and breathable seats that are also UV-resistant and nylon-welded to give the most comfortable riding experience throughout the day. Also, there is amazing load capacity of this model as it can bear 1400 lbs load capacity of the passengers and the stuff that they would like to carry along.

You get lifetime warranty of the hull. If you want to buy something comfortable and nice for your partner then this is a great place to start.


  • A lot of space
  • Made of quality material
  • UV-resistant
  • Great load capacity


  • Expensive

Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe Combo

From Sevylor, this model is for the people that enjoy occasional canoeing and do not favour spending a lot of money on these products. Well, you will be very glad with the price of this model. It is super affordable.

Other than being affordable, there are various other amazing features that you will appreciate. For starters, it is made of heavy-duty PVC material which is quite suitable for lake use. On the top of that, you also get a polyester cover to have extra protection from punctures and other wear and tear. It keeps the canoe is a happy condition.

Also, there are various air chambers in this canoe that stay inflated if any one of them gets punctured. The airtight system is so intact that it guarantees no leaks of air. The company has also given a lot of emphasis on easy installation and deflation of the canoe.

For you to secure your carriables, there is a lot of space on the canoe. Also, it has adjustable and elevated seats that you can move to fit a comfortable paddling position. Overall, it is a great product.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a polyester cover
  • Made of heavy-duty PVC material
  • Has various air chambers


  • The handles are not as comfortable

Old Town Guide 147 Recreational Canoe

Old Town has been dedicated in creating the most productive canoes for the buyers. One of a classic example of their craftsmanship is this model 147 Recreational canoe which is a classic 3 seater. If you have a small family then this will be a suitable product to purchase.

It is made of three-layers of roto molded polyethylene so that you can enjoy worry-free paddling. You will really appreciate the unique cross-section and stabilizing chines feature that delivers amazing stability and durability of the canoe.

This feature also helps in convenient manoeuvring in all kinds of conditions. You will also appreciate the seats of the canoe. Old Town brand always go beyond in making the seats comfortable. The seats are stern and comfortable. Also, for added support, you get adjustable backrests.

The total capacity of the canoe is 900 lbs. It comes in a length of 14’ 7”. You get lifetime warranty of the hull. This is a great canoe for all kinds of buyers. The traditional canoe with flexible seats and comfortable handles will give you an amazing experience of this thrilling sport.


  • Easy manoeuvring
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • High-quality construction
  • Has adjustable backrests


  • There is limited leg space

FEATH-R-LITE All-round Paddle Board with Adjustable Paddle, ISUP Travel Backpack

If you want something completely uniquely designed then this model from Feath-R-Lite is a great product to consider. One of the best things about this board is that it is inflatable and very comfortable to use. It is lightweight and very affordable.

This canoe is for single rider only. Sometimes, we do want to spend some time alone. Well, if such us the case then take this beautiful board along with and spend time together in the water.

It has got a professional design in 10 x 30 x 4 inches dimensions. Its maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs. It itself weighs only 16.7 lbs. This means that this model is super portable and you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

The construction is done with multi-layer wearable PVC material. The additional PVC layer adds more to the durability of the product. To make it best at balancing, the width of the board is thoughtfully designed. Also, it comes with 3 fins.

You can keep your gadgets protected from water as this model comes with a multi-functional water-proof bag. To secure your purchase, you get a year long warranty on the material and a 30-day guarantee.


  • Lightweight canoe
  • Made of PVC material
  • Comes with multi-functional waterproof bag
  • Comes with a month-long guarantee


  • Only for a single user, cannot take family along

Old Town Discovery Sport 15 Square-Stern Recreational Canoe

Well, here is another product from Old Town. The brand has given its 100% in providing you with amazing choices in canoes. This one can be used with traditional paddling mechanism or using the motor. The canoe has got an excellent motor with 4 horsepower.

The designing of this canoe is done traditionally. It is designed in black color and has a rugged look. You can enjoy dry and confident ride because of the full-length chines and generous beam. You will really appreciate the quality and the dazzling looks of the canoe.

As far as seats are concerned, these are not basically chair-like seats. These are independent nylon-welded seats in which the air can freely flow. The seats are durable and breathable and to ensure that they can endure different weather conditions, these are UV-resistant as well.

The frame is constructed with three-layer polyethylene and has vinyl gunwales with easy carrying handles. This canoe can support three people at one time. Its maximum weight capacity is 1650 lbs and it is 15’ 3” in size. This product comes in lifetime warranty as well.


  • Comes in a traditional look
  • Can accommodate 3 people
  • Decent in size
  • Great construction


  • There is no color option available in this model

Old Modern Handicrafts Real Canoe

The last model that I would like to recommend is this one from Old Modern. If you are an aficionado of handmade products then this one will surely suit your fancy.

The designing of this model is done very thoughtfully. The company’s only agenda was to make it as comfortable as they can. They have done a decent job in giving it designing of handicraft look.

First of all, it is available in 16 inches size. This means that you can enjoy a lot of leg space for comfortable long water rides.

It is a model for one since there is only one seat crafted on the canoe. However, if you want some company then you might have to add an additional seat by yourself.

The wooden canoe is decent and has amazing balance and stability. However, this one is not as durable as the other models. On the bright side, this one is pretty lightweight. You will come across no difficulties in carrying the canoe from one place to another.

You can also find another model of 18 inches size in this product. You can make a purchase based on your need. The features remain same in both the sizes.


  • Handmade product
  • Available in a classic design
  • A lot of space on the canoe


  • Only one seat on the canoe
  • Wood is not as durable

How To Choose The Best Family Canoe?

Whether you want the best cheap canoe or the most expensive one, there are certain search worthy features that you should consider while making a purchase.

The canoe will be accommodating your loved ones and it is important to check how safe it is. Its durability and designing, everything about a canoe matters a lot.

In this section of the guide, I will be helping you find an evaluation criterion on which you should evaluate the products. This will not only help in making a sound purchase but will also ensure overall customer satisfaction.


The feature of capacity of a canoe is very important. First of all, you need to ensure the number of members that will be riding with you on a canoe.

This is a tricky question actually. If you are an adventure enthusiast then it is uncommon for you to start with canoeing when you are single. Well, it is pointless at that time to think about the future and pick a family canoe.

Honestly, at a young age, unless you are super rich or are willing to compromise on an average quality product, don’t buy a canoe. You should rather prefer renting one.

However, for the grown-ups, it is important to see if the family share the same love for canoeing or not. The capacity of a canoe should be carefully considered.

As the capacity increases, the weight of the canoe also increases. Also, you will have to get the similar number of riders for paddling the canoe.

You can get canoes for maximum 4 people. Therefore, if you want to take your partner and 2 kids for canoeing then there are various best 4-person canoes available on the market that you can buy.


Please note that your canoe will be resting in your storage area or garage while you are not using it. Also, it is not going to get up itself and go to the waters so that you can simply sit in it and take pleasure.

This brings us on the most crucial point of size of a canoe. The size of a canoe will have different impact on different purchases. First you need to consider that your entire family fits inside a canoe and have comfortable space to keep the belongings.

You will also need to consider that while you will be paddling the canoe, your kids should have sufficient space to spread their legs on the middle seat. Usually, when you take a long tour, kids get tired of sitting at one place. They need to have the extra room to be able to stretch their body.

Also, if there is no middle seat and some handsome space between the rear and the front seat then you can always take advantage of the space that you have in between and install smaller seats on the floor where kids can relax.

If you have been following my review from the top then you should have noticed that canoes don’t come in a constant size. All the products are differently sized and they have different weight capacities.

You just have to pick a model that can bear the weight of your entire family or the people that will be riding the canoe. One more thing, some canoes are only shaped longer than the others. This does not mean that they have similar weight capacity.

Therefore, while picking a size, be very sure about the weight capacity of a canoe as well. If you fail to do so then there is a bright chance that you will end up purchasing something worthless.

In this context, I would also like to add the weight of the canoe itself and how you are planning to take it to the lake. Don’t invest in something very heavyweight because your kids won’t be able to help you carry it.


I have been repeatedly saying that when it is about your family, there shouldn’t be any room for misplacements and making a wrong purchase. While the canoes seem to have pretty solid and stable vessels, they may not have the same.

You don’t want your child to excitedly jump inside the canoe and it disbalances, leaving your child inside the lake. Therefore, make sure that the canoe is stable and rigid.

It all depends on the shape of the hull that determines how stable the canoe will be. There are different shapes available in family canoes. They also have different paddling mechanism.

Let me elaborate it with some example, the more rounded hulls and bows will not be able to handle the white water and choppy conditions.

If you want to take your kids for canoeing that are new to this idea then start with a flat bottom. The flat bottom canoes are more stable. You will be able to gain your kid’s confidence by starting out with these canoes. However, you are encouraged to use these canoes in calm waters such as lakes and slow rivers.


You should never purchase a canoe without considering its material of construction. It all comes down to the material that determines the quality of a canoe for handling abrasions and bangs.

If you want to cut the chase and search the best material for canoes then it will be the high-density polyethylene. The material is good with different water conditions. It is able to handle the toughness of water and does not react to it, even after constantly being in it.

The material is rugged and does not cut or scratch the holder. It can also withstand the harsh elements and is pretty lightweight for carrying to the shore.

You can also find wooden canoes but honestly, they are not as amazing. The wooden material, after some time will react to the water and this will limit the life of a canoe.

Since you will be spending your hard-earned money on a canoe, you are encouraged to purchase one which is made of polyethylene material. It will be more resourceful and profitable than any other material that you may find in these products. Choose the material carefully.


You could be a hobbyist or someone really fond of canoeing, you would not want to buy a product that is not very durable. The canoes make an expensive purchase and you should consider the durability quotient very closely.

You should purchase a model that ensures the durability. It can be assimilated from the material and the designing. Also, it depends on the kind of water it is meant to float in.

Your care and maintenance also increase the life of a canoe. You should pick the material very carefully because mostly the durability lies on the material of the canoe.


While most people won’t consider this feature, it is essential to see the kind of durability you get with a canoe. Another essential thing to consider in this context is that the warranty is available on the hull or which part of the canoe.

If you want to prevent any accidents and make sure that the canoe is well in shape then always check for the warranty. You need to make sure that you get decent warranty on the hull and other maintenance featurettes. This will safeguard your purchase and will prevent the redundant expenses on the maintenance.


The last thing that you should be careful about is the price of the canoe. You see, the canoes are available in different price ranges. You can pick a product that suit your price range.

In the above made recommendations, you can see that there are versatile products. They can cost you as low as $199 and go up to $1500 and more.

The features and quality of the product will differ with changing price. Therefore, be wise in spending money on the best family canoe.


I would like to end the review by saying that there are excellent ways to spend time with your loved ones. Canoeing is one of the brilliant ideas that you can propose to your family.

Canoeing is for the people that like to indulge in adventurous water sports. The Old Town canoes recommended above are the best products and give you full value of money.

Pick the size and capacity of the product carefully. Also, there are many brands that manufacture high-quality canoes on an affordable price.

Check the products that I have recommended above and make a thoughtful purchase to bring home the best canoe for your family. Happy Shopping!